Jumbo (Korean restaurant & Hot plate cooking)

The 45-year-old Jumbo is regarded as one of the best grill restaurants. With chefs cooking right in front of your eyes, various experiences through your eyes, mouth and ears are promised. Additionally, Jumbo is the best place for family get-togethers, a meeting of the bride and groom’s families, social gatherings and business meetings as it offers nicely-presented Korean Table d'hote course of fusion cuisine which is based on traditional Korean food.

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  • Jumbo

    • - Location : 18F
    • - The number of seat : Hall 120 seats(Hall : 45seats, Hot plate cooking room : 4, Gayageum Hall : 40seats)
    • - Menu : Korean special food, Korean Table d'hote course, hot plate cuisine
  • Customer Guide

    • Jumbo restaurant will be upgraded from 1 October 2018 and will only be operated with advance reservations until further notice.
    • - Inquiry : 02-3705-4214, 4274
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