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If you have any question and suggestion, contact whenever you want, we will give you instant and sensitive responses with our sincerity after reflecting customers’ opinions.

If you want to make a reservation for room/banquet/wedding, it is more convenient to use
Reservation Page(room reservation/banquet reservation/wedding reservation).

It is important to note that if materials are required for school assignments or corporate projects, we are not able to reply.

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    1. The purpose of collection and use of your personal information
    ·Name: It is required for the process of confirmation.
    ·Phone number, E-mail address: They are required to confirm and answer inquires.
    2. Range of collection of personal information
    ·Required items: name, phone number, E-mail address
    3. Period of retention and use of personal information
    ·As a general rule, once the purpose of collecting personal information and that of being provided with personal information are achieved, it will be destroyed.
    ·However, the case of necessity of retention according to statutory provisions of internal policy and commercial law is exceptional.
    4. Right to refuse to agree and disadvantage in case of refusal
    ·In case of refusal to agree with the collection and use of required personal information above, answers to your inquiries are impossible.