General manager Greeting

This is an introduction of General manager of Baengnam tourism Co., Ltd. Hotel President.

Welcome, guests to visit Hotel President
repeating leap on the ground of the
tradition of Seoul center.

General manager Greeting

Under company motto of faithfully working with honest mind and kindly serving with modest mind,
Since its opening in 1973, Hotel President has kept its tradition, providing the faithfulness to domestic
and foreign guests like our family.

On the ground of its accumulated knowhow of customer service
and international events until now since its opening,
Hotel President is doing its best to make customers more comfortable.

Hotel President is located in front of Seoul Square, the center of Seoul, growing every day.
On the ground of the tradition along with changing aspects of Seoul,
Hotel President will approach to customers with its new and vibrant outlook.
May families of customers to visit in the future be fit and blissful.

Thank you.

Baengnam tourism Co., Ltd.
Hotel President
General manager Kim kishop